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The Center for Creative Learning came into being in April 2017, as a space that nurtures scientific temper and the inherent creativity in students and teachers alike. Having worked with Arvind Gupta, Prof. Manish Jain started this lab to continue that work and ignite the sparks of curiosity for generations of children. Over the last 6 year, we have engaged more than 5 lakh online participants, conducted hands-on STEM learning workshops for over 20,000 teachers & engineering college professors and interacted with more than 50,000 students from all across the country.

We continue to create content that Inspires and Engages! 

The Team

The Center for Creative Learning is growing fast! The team consists of scientists, mathematicians, makers, educators and designers, all passionate about making learning joyful!

Abhijit Das
Akhand Jyoti Gupta
Gaurav Kumar Yadav
Krishna Purohit
Nisha Pandey
Sandip Baraiya
Shilpa Bansal
Tapas Hira
Adithi Iyer
Ashutosh Bhakuni
Jay Thakkar
Manish Jain
Pankaj Godara
Sarita Yadav
Shreesha Bhat
Vinod Ghutukade
Aditi Kothiyal
Dinesh Rathod
Jyothi Krishnan
Neha Garg
Rakesh Pachaya
Satish Singh
Sujeet Kumar Singh
Akash Umaraliya
Divyam Dalal
Jyoti Gupta
Nihar Pandya
Sajid Rathod
Shanu Dalwadi