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Arun Kumar Kundu

Multimedia Design

Arun Kundu, a Science Illustrator & Animator and Full-Stack Developer, possesses a strong passion for both learning and problem-solving.
He is deeply passionate about sharing the beauty of science through visuals and empowering researchers to become visual storytellers in their scientific journey.
Arun joined CCL in September 2023, after working as a science illustrator at IISER Pune.
Additionally, he was part of the multimedia crew for NPTEL Videos at IISR Pune.
IISER Pune :

During his time there, he worked on his dissertation project called Pressgene - Essentials Gene Prediction Server, under the guidance of Senior Scientist Ramrup Sarkar from CSIR-NCL, Pune.
Project :
Profile :

His diverse skill set and dedication make him an ideal collaborator to elevate research communication to the next level.
Let's connect and explore how we can work together.
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Arun Kumar Kundu
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