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Educator Experiences

Through our online and offline Workshops, we have engaged over 5 lakh teachers from across India, in rural and urban settings, using all our toys and activities to demonstrate how learning can be more engaging, in-depth and joyful! Teachers get the best of tools, both in terms of science and math demonstrations and hands-on and experiential pedagogy. 

A Sneak Peak at a typical teacher workshop 

Teacher Experiences

In their past workshops, teachers have given us some memorable feedback. Here are some letters written by teachers along with their videos. 

सपनों में भी सवाल के बारे में ही सोच रहे थे | Workshop at Aspirational District – Vidisha

Inspired to up their levels | Hands-on Learning Workshop for Gujarat ITI Instructors

Learning HOW to teach, not WHAT to teach at PISA Workshop 2019

Feedback Workshop at IITGN 120 Days of Training

Math In Service Course for KV Teachers Meerut Gurgaon

TEQIP Workshop III | June 10th to 14th


Experiential Learning For All

CCL conducts workshops with educators, in various settings all across India. The aim is to create a group inspired people who are love to learn and are fully energized and capable of making learning fun!

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