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The Center for Creative Learning is engaged in research on topics in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Education with some of the most creative and curious individuals in India, who are alumni of ITIs, IITs, TISS, University of Lincoln- UK, UC Berkeley & Stanford University and affiliated with the Royal Society of Chemistry among others. Research on Phenomena and Non-intuitive models and joyous toys, which may not solve real-world issues but have a fascinating basis etc. 

CCL is committed to an excellent Summer Research Internship Program as well, the output of which enriches all our offerings. Explore projects below!
We are also interested in the following questions:

How does a cycle balance itself?

Why is there no formula for the circumference of an ellipse?

How can we make a portrait with pentominoes?

Questions that keep us going 

How do we empower 50,000+ children to tinker with science?



SRIP 2022: A model that accurately shows the rotation and angular alignment of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. 


Cycles of many kinds


FLN research


SRIP 2023: Harmonograph
About the project and any research paper written.


Fourier Transform


SRIP 2023: Polymino Letters


Albert Michealson’s Harmonic Analyser

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