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Large Scale Programs

Our online programs have taken many educators and students on a joyful learning journey through the Pandemic. The impact of the 3030 Eklavya Program funded by CBSE alone is humbling - over 1.85 lakh people registered for the program and we got over 25 lakh views from all over the country.  Like 3030 Eklavya and 3030 STEM (funded by Vigyan Prasar), we run numerous workshops online for educators on an ongoing basis, with national and state governments, private schools and organizations like CII, Agastya Foundation and IITs for educators. 

Links to Online Programs

3030 Eklavya

The vision set forth by National Education Policy 2020 may have been intimidating to school teachers and administrators. With the Eklavya series, CBSE and IITGN address this gap by demystifying NEP and demonstrating how to implement experiential learning effectively.

3030 Eklavya contains:

  • Numerous hands-on activities, projects, models which help in conceptual understanding of difficult topics

  • Interesting Questions, Assignments which promote out-of-box creative thinking

  • Inspiring DIY project videos using local material which relate curriculum to life

3030 STEM

3030 STEM, sponsored by Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology is designed to make you fall in love with Science and Math, at any age, at any time in your life. 

The program was viewed by thousands of people all over India and covered popular science topics that make you think. The online sessions were interactive and engaging

Kendriya Vidyalaya In-Service

Kendriya Vidyalaya Maths and Science teachers from nationwide schools have been attending their In-Service Course at IIT-GN, in two spells for 22 days each, once over Summer and once over Winter. The teachers have a residential experience while going deeper into their subjects and refreshing pedagogical ideas with the CCL team and with the help of professors at IIT-GN. All of this contributes to making teachers fall back in love with their subjects and appreciate their beauty. 

The teachers also participated in building a large hyperboloid structure together, enjoying their time here thoroughly!

2020 Lamps Series

From Dussehra to Diwali 2022, CCL ran a festive online workshop that brought out STEM learning through festive activities like making lamps, rangolis and art. A celebration of Science and Math during a season of light, joy and warmth for India!

3030 Ekalavya

3030 STEM

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