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Unique STEM Exhibits

At CCL we love to make Math and Science come alive in the form of Art exhibits. We have collaboratively created several large-scale installations that use mathematical and scientific principles and often celebrate the contributions of Indian personalities in the fields of Science and Math.

Trutchet tile portrait of Dr. Kamala Sohonie

8 feet x 8 feet size portrait designed and created by Ms. Priyanshi, Msc Math student at the institute along with CCL. The portrait's inspiration came from Prof Sameer who shared the life-journey of Kamala Sohonie, first Indian woman to receive a PhD in a scientific discipline. Video on Dr. Kamala Sohonie:

Tribute to Salim Ali, the bird man of India

A portrait of Salim Ali made using 15,000 pushpins on World Sparrow Day, a collaborative effort by the IITGN community. The pixel grid was designed at CCL.

String Art Portrait of Asima Chatterjee

A portrait of Dr. Asima Chatterjee, an organic chemist and the first Indian woman to receive a doctorate of Science from an Indian university, was designed at CCL IITGN and made by instructors from Agastya Foundation who were here for a workshop. The portrait was made with string, with with 4000 lines connecting 300 points on a circle.

Science City Ahmedabad : Dice Art

An 5x5ft artwork depicting the Ahmedabad Science City logo made entirely out of black and white dice, designed and assembled at CCL IIT GN.

Power of X

These structures demonstrate the power of exponents (pun intended on power), installed at the IITGN campus raising a 2000 piece, 80 inch, 5 Frequency dome without any glue.

Portrait of S.Ramanujan using Rubik's cubes

50 IIT Gn PhD students made a 6-feet portrait of Srinivas Ramanujan, the 'Man who knew Infintiy' using 525 Rubik's cubes, on National Mathematics Day.

Hyperbolic Structure made by KVS Inservice

Teachers from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan from all over India, who were attending their 2nd In-Service course at IITGN joined hands to create this 10+ ft tall hyperbolic structure made of straight bamboo poles that look curved at the sides due to the placement of the sticks, as we can observe in cane furniture of 'Modas' traditionally made in India.

CV Raman portrait

A Rubik's cube portrait of Sir CV Raman, designed by CCL and made by our interns as an artwork for the campus.

Breaking the World record for String Art

1st year fresh undergraduates made a 10 feet string art work to beat the world record. 288 students worked with CCL for 4 hours to create the IITGn logo with 300 nails and 4000 straight lines in a circle. The pattern of strings was generated based on the algorithm designed at the center.

6V Reciprocal Geodesic Bamboo Structure by IITGN students

Students of the Foundation Programme at IITGN made this bamboo polyhedral structure or a Bucky ball, designed by CCL. It spans 25 ft and consists only of pentagons and hexagons, made of 720 sticks and 360 ties, each tied at a 10 degree angle. It was made in a day and we estimate it to be the largest Geodesic Ball made in bamboo in India.

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