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Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions we get asked often:


Where can I buy products made by CCL?

Our online store for individual orders is a work in progress, we usually send kits in bulk to government schools and large institutions. To order in bulk, please contact 


I am a teacher and I want to read more about Creative Education

Please refer to our Interesting Reads and Teaching Resources Sections.


How can I collaborate with CCL?

Please write to, feel free to visit our lab at IIT Gandhinagar, fill out the contact form on the Support Page, or apply for any open job vacancies on the Job Page to get in touch and work with us. We love to meet passionate people. 


Where can I watch all your videos and understand Science and Maths?

You can watch our YouTube channel, by clicking this link: and find out many interesting things about concepts


Do you conduct workshops in schools?

Yes, we conduct workshops regularly with private schools and government schools, for teachers and students. We also conduct masterclasses or hands-on learning demonstrations at education conferences etc. To organize such an event, please contact and/or  


When do you hire and how can I apply?

We hire interns every summer and regularly put out job vacancies on our website as well as the IITGN website. Please visit the Jobs Page  and the IITGN page for updates. 

For any other queries please contact .

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